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  1. Miliardi di metri cubi utilizzati per coltivare cibi che poi vengono buttati via come le 177mila 479 tonnellate di mele rimaste sui campi nel 2009 perché sconveniente raccoglierle. La Ue scende il campo per il consumo responsabile ROMA - Una bella fiorentina al sangue da 3 etti costa 4.650
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  2. Industry representatives frequently charge that federal fishery managers use bad science to make decisions. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
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  4. Why millennials can’t start their careers and baby boomers can’t end theirs.
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  5. The world has always been caught between progressive and destructive forces -- that duality is built into our nature -- yet until now most people would agree that progress had the upper hand. It takes a die-hard optimist to make such a statement today.
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  6. What were the oceans like before over-fishing? David McCandless visualises the Atlantic's past
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  7. A new report finds that globally, roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. Why is that bad news -- and potentially good news -- for nature?
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  8. Allarmanti rilevamenti dell'Agenzia spaziale europea: lo strato che ci protegge dai raggi ultravioletti mai così sottile dal 1997. L'Organizzazione mondiale meteorologica denuncia il persistere nell'atmosfera delle sostanze chimiche novice. Guai ad abbassare la guardia nella lotta
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  10. Build enough wind farms to replace fossil fuels and we could do as much damage to the climate as greenhouse global warming
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