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  1. what about the fact that the crust is low in density? If you want a mountain sticking up, high above sea level, you’ve got to remember that the crust is atop the mantle, which means the thickest crust of the Earth occurs where the highest mountains are, and the thinnest crust is where the deepest ocean trenches are!

    Bizarrely enough, if we wanted to reach the Earth’s mantle, our best bet would be to dive down to the ocean floor and dig there; we’d “only” have to go through maybe 3 km of crust, as opposed to upwards of 25 km atop the Himalayas. This concept is known as isostatic compensation, and was actually uncovered by the famed British astronomer George Airy.

    So quite counterintuitively, if you wanted the least amount of mass beneath your feet, you’d climb up to the peak of the highest mountain.
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  2. The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to preventing altitude sickness is to give your body the time it needs to acclimatise. However, altitude sickness can strike even the most experienced hikers, so here are a few tips that can help you deal with this condition.
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