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  1. from the comments:

    I haven't even read the article yet because the headline hit so close to home for me. This is exactly what led to my conversion. A staunch democrat and obama voter through his first term. Then got sick and tired of being called a racist just for being white, a sexist for being a man, a homophobe for being a Christian, and straw that broke the camels back was being called a transphobic for believing in boys and girls.

    CORRECTION: You're a homophobe for being heterosexual; being Christian makes you "anti-science." You're welcome. :)

    This is why there is no such thing as "white male privilege" no matter how loudly the Left wishes to shriek it. When you are a punching bag for bigotry and prejudice, passed over for education and employment, based on the color of your skin alone, then you aren't enjoying any sort of privilege. When you are automatically presumed to be a violent sexual predator simply because you have a penis you're not planning on rejecting, you are not enjoying any sort of privilege.
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  2. Diversity is all the rage on college campuses. And for good reason. It is important for the diversity of our nation to be reflected in higher education and beyond. However, the people who champion gender, racial, and cultural diversity often shun viewpoint diversity. Universities have become increasingly ideologically homogeneous. This is especially the case in the social sciences; fewer than 10 percent of professors in these fields identify as conservative, and this number keeps shrinking. Conservatives have little influence in the scholarly disciplines that have the most to say about social and cultural life, family, and mental health.

    The study of prejudice in social psychology (my field) illustrates why this lack of viewpoint diversity is problematic. Considering how harmful prejudice can be, most people would agree that it is a worthy topic of research. The problem isn’t the topic. The problem is how the personal ideologies of social psychologists can influence how the topic is studied. For example, social psychologists have long been interested in a possible link between political ideology and prejudice. To study prejudice one has to pick a target group. And guess what? Liberal social psychologists tend to pick target groups that are generally viewed as political allies (e.g., gay men and lesbians, atheists). The research then reveals that conservatives, compared to liberals, are less tolerant of members of these groups. And the liberal social psychologists proclaim that the finding supports the broader notion that conservatives are more prejudiced, less tolerant than liberals.

    Social psychologists have now produced a rather large literature promoting this idea. However, when researchers have bothered to examine attitudes about target groups that tend to be conservative (e.g., evangelical Christians, members of the military), the opposite pattern is observed. It is liberals, not conservatives, who display intolerance. But there are far fewer studies that focus on such target groups, probably because there are very few conservative social psychologists.

    This issue does not disappear when scholars focus on cognitive and personality traits instead of political beliefs because these traits are often correlates of conservatism/liberalism. This research tells a familiar story. Liberals have the characteristics associated with thoughtfulness, fairness, and empathy for others. Conservatives do not. But again, many of these studies were incomplete. And recent research has helped reveal this fact.

    When fields like social psychology are almost entirely composed of researchers who are ideologically similar, it is easy to create a social science that rarely looks inward.
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  3. If gender scholars, for example, really believe that science is contaminated by a system of patriarchal and colonialist oppression then they should demand more rigor in science, not less. They should fight for increased efforts to remove human bias through more careful research design, instrument development, and data-collection procedures. They should be big fans of predictive research, hypothesis testing, inferential statistics, and replication attempts from independent labs. They should champion all efforts to suppress the extent to which humans can contaminate science with their personal biases and motives.
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  4. Proprio come, sul côté economico, il liberismo aspira ad abbattere il limite politico statale, così, sul versante sessuale, mira a dissolvere il concetto stesso di limite naturale, dissolvendo l’idea di una natura non risolta integralmente nella società e nella storia. Il mito neoliberistico del transnazionale si ridispone, nell’ambito della sessualità, nell’elogio mediatico permanente della figura del transgender, ossia di colui che ha varcato ogni confine, ogni limite e ogni frontiera naturale, ogni residuo della tradizione storica.

    Come il transnazionalismo liberista mira al mercato globale deregolamentato e libero da ogni sovranità nazionale democratica, così il transgenderismo eretto a modello mediatico si fonda sulla deregulation sessuale, sull’abbattimento di ogni limite e di ogni sovranità legati all’ambito della natura e della biologia. Nel quadro del fiorire delle nuove categorie promosse dai gender studies, ove il transgender si pone come variante sessuale del migrante e il queer del precario, la vetusta eterosessualità viene rubricata a categoria tra le tante, nella completa rimozione tanto della sua rilevanza nell’orizzonte dell’eticità borghese e proletaria, quanto della sua centralità ontologica per la riproduzione della razza umana: l’eterosessuale è ridefinito come cisgender.

    Secondo la più diretta offensiva rivolta contro l’eticità familiare borghese e proletaria, i gender studies collocano l’eterosessualità su un piano di indistinzione, nel trionfo della separazione tra sessualità e vita etica familiare.

    Quello animante l’ideologia gender come teoria sessuale corrispondente alla precarizzazione delle identità coincide, dunque, con il sogno di De Sade, espresso nelle pagine della Nouvelle Justine (1797): “L’impossibilité d’outrager la nature est, selon moi, le plus grand supplice de l’homme”. In tale sogno si riflette il nichilismo della forma merce, con la sua segreta teleologia della violazione di tutto ciò che può essere violato e dell’oltrepassamento di ogni misura.

    Il corollario che ne discende, e che struttura la visione del mondo propria dell’ideologia genderista, è quello per cui, anche sul versante sessuale, tutto è illimitatamente possibile e, dunque, illimitatamente consumabile. Sta qui il segreto della dinamica di androgenizzazione della società a capitalismo flessibile: l’individuo unisex tende a una androginia completa, in quanto non deve essere né uomo, né donna, per poter essere contemporaneamente entrambe. Deve, cioè, trascendere ogni limite e poter essere tutto senza inibizioni naturali o morali, biologiche o culturali.
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  5. Is this the end of same-sex marriage?
    Many same-sex couples worry that their marriages could be invalidated in Trump's America, or that if things are getting serious they better hurry up and make it official before their right to tie the knot disappears.
    Neither the President nor Congress can take away what the Supreme Court has deemed a "fundamental right," leaving current marriages safe, multiple legal experts said.
    While Trump does not have the right to unilaterally scrap marriage equality, he has the power to appoint Supreme Court justices who could.
    So far, judicial conservatives are said to be very pleased with his potential nominees. But it would take a long time for the court to repeal marriage equality -- if they decide to, Tiven said. Regardless of who replaces Justice Antonin Scalia, the five Supreme Court justices who ushered in marriage equality will remain. The jurists that replace them could be the ones that bring change.
    By then, though, advocates are optimistic that society will have adjusted to the idea and let it be.
    "People's hearts and minds have changed," HRC legal director Sarah Warbelow said. "We've had rights rolled back but it is rare."
    What about same-sex adoption?
    Gay and lesbian parents are worried that their parental rights could be in jeopardy, especially for the non-biological parent.
    Even if that person's name is on the child's birth certificate, experts say it's best to adopt the child.
    Also called a second parent adoption, it's a court order that says as a legal matter the adult is a parent, said Jennifer C. Pizer, senior counsel and law and policy director of Lambda Legal.
    Though the states set adoption and parental rights policies, adoption ensures both parents have a legal tie, which could help in challenges to parental rights at the federal level.
    "Court judgments are recognized from state to state as a constitutional rule so even if federal law changes you're a parent of the child," she said.
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  6. One naturally wonders, however, why such wild hopes were never placed in Pope Benedict XVI, who as Cardinal Ratzinger wrote the following in his letter to bishops “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons”:

    It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs. It reveals a kind of disregard for others which endangers the most fundamental principles of a healthy society. The intrinsic dignity of each person must always be respected in word, in action and in law.

    And in the very next paragraph, Ratzinger added:

    But the proper reaction to crimes committed against homosexual persons should not be to claim that the homosexual condition is not disordered. When such a claim is made and when homosexual activity is consequently condoned, or when civil legislation is introduced to protect behavior to which no one has any conceivable right, neither the Church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground such as gender ideology » .

    That Pope Francis can say both, just as Ratzinger said both, is a mark of coherence and consistency with his predecessor in the Chair of Peter. Where the illusion of imminent departure comes from, in the specific case of Pope Francis, I confess I have no idea.

    And likewise, the Catechism of the Catholic Church says of homosexual persons, “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” And that wery same paragraph (2358) also describes same-sex attraction as “objectively disordered.”

    But for some reason, every time Pope Francis says the one, the secular media and certain advocacy groups get all hot and bothered that he is about to deny the other. As the Times reports:

    Sarah McBride, a spokeswoman for the Human Rights Campaign, said the words sent a ripple of hope through the LGBT community that the Vatican might be embracing a broader stance on inclusion.

    She added, however, “I think what’s clear in this last statement is that maybe those sentiments weren’t universally applied—that for transgender people, the pontiff is applying a different standard.”

    Well, no, Ms. McBride, there is no “different standard” for homosexual people than for transgender people. The very same principle applies to both: Treat them with dignity and respect, and love them. Say you are sorry when you are cruel or dismissive of them. But none of that implies acceptance of everything they think or everything they do. That’s a separate matter.

    But “LGBT leaders,” according to the Times, “said Wednesday that the pope had failed to grasp that one’s gender identity is discovered, often at a very young age, not chosen.”

    In fact, it’s not so much that the pope does not “grasp” this—if by “grasp” it you mean understand the argument—it’s that the pope does not agree with it. It is a contentious argument, not one that has been in any way proven. But one would think that, by denying this, the pope is denying heliocentrism, or the sun’s morning appearance in the east.

    “There have been times,” Ms. McBride concluded, “where the pope has » demonstrated compassion. Then there have been other times where his words have been not only hurtful, and frankly harmful, but really demonstrating a misunderstanding of what it means to be transgender.”

    A larger problem here is not the pope’s understanding “of what it means to be transgender” (or lack thereof), but Ms. McBride’s understanding of what it means to have compassion. That compassion, for her, seems to mean both “don’t kill people,” “be kind to people,” and “accept every false and wreckless and destructive idea and lifestyle that occurs to them” helps to explain why Pope Francis is the cause of repeated dashed hopes on the left.

    People like Ms. McBride work themselves up into a pitch of nervous excitement, and then wail in a jilted rage when reality sets in. Only to do it all over again next month.

    This is Pope Francis Derangement Syndrome of the left.
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  7. here’s the really maddening thing: At the same time that Leftists on college campuses are forcing professors to water down their lessons lest the truth be a “trauma trigger,” they’re blasting a law that exists to protect people from actual trauma triggers. Not fake trauma triggers, like the question “Where are you from?” Real ones, like male genitalia in a girl’s locker room. RELATED: With It’s Bathroom Ordinance, Houston Takes Leave of It’s Municipal Senses The purpose of HB2 is to ensure that people, especially women and children but men as well, can use public restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas without being exposed to people of the opposite biological sex. It’s pretty common sense. But common sense has not always been a good defense against the rage of the Left. Here’s a lineup of the most oft-told lies about HB2 and its supporters. ‘It’s anti-LGBT’ The law goes out of its way to point out that, even though it requires men to use the men’s room and women to use the women’s room, single-occupancy restrooms can be used by people regardless of their biological gender or of the gender they identify with. Schools and places of business have the option to make those single-occupancy areas available to individuals who aren’t comfortable in public private spaces assigned to their specific biological gender.
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  8. I don’t see the NUS as the enemy. I support their efforts to defend student rights and back their opposition to tuition fees and education cuts. I just disagree with the way some of them choose to deal with other people’s opinions. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line politically risks being denounced, even over the tiniest disagreement.

    The race to be more Left-wing and politically correct than anyone else is resulting in an intimidating, excluding atmosphere on campuses. Universal human rights and enlightenment values – including John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty – are often shamefully rubbished as the ideas of Western imperialist white privilege.

    I am all in favour of protesting against real racists and transphobes. But the most effective way to do this is to expose and counter their bigoted ideas, not censor and ban them. I’ve often debated religious fundamentalists and homophobes. They’ve lost the argument; leaving them weakened and discredited.
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  9. Sportswear giant Adidas is following in the footsteps of Nike and Levi's in putting a rainbow-hued twist on some of its most iconic designs in time for LGBT Pride Month.

    Three Adidas staples -- the Stan Smith, the Adilette Slide and the Superstar -- are getting the limited edition makeover as part of the "Pride Pack." Each of the designs draws inspiration from the LGBT rainbow flag, "a symbol of equality and inclusiveness that signifies the diversity of the LGBT community," according to press materials.
    Tags: , , , by M. Fioretti (2016-02-18)
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  10. Sulla questione lgbt (lesbiche, gay, bisessuali e transgender) il Miur è enigmatico. Diciamo pure che si muove con il freno a mano tirato. Esiste infatti una Strategia nazionale contro le discriminazioni basate sull’orientamento sessuale e sull’identità di genere promossa dall’Unar (Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali) e dal dipartimento delle Pari opportunità (e adottata con decreto ministeriale nel 2013 su raccomandazione del Consiglio d’Europa), dalla quale il ministero dell’Istruzione ha preferito prendere le distanze.

    Dopo aver partecipato alla prima fase, quella nazionale, che ha previsto corsi di formazione per i dirigenti del ministero e degli uffici scolastici regionali, si è ritirato. Rottamando la seconda fase, quella territoriale, che riguardava la formazione dei vertici degli uffici scolastici regionali e provinciali di Umbria, Toscana, Basilicata, Calabria, Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Liguria e Sardegna. La giustificazione? Eccola: “Faremo un piano nostro, che coinvolgerà tutto il territorio nazionale, non solo alcune regioni, e sarà rivolto direttamente agli insegnanti” dichiara il Miur a Aggiungendo che “il piano rientra negli obiettivi del comma 16 della legge 107”, cioè della “Buona scuola”. Ma al momento non c’è nessuna tabella di marcia in agenda.
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