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  1. The Authors Guild -- notorious for advancing extremely broad, censorious theories of copyright -- told Lee that the Guild "does not support extending the copyright term, especially since many of our members benefit from having access to a thriving and substantial public domain of older works,If anything, we would likely support a rollback to a term of life-plus-50 if it were politically feasible." It will be very difficult to sell term extension as a measure to benefit artists if prominent artists' groups are speaking out against it.

    The other factor is that Congress is a total shambles, its calendar dominated by shutdowns and chaotic attempts to ram through the extreme agenda of the GOP electoral majority that represents a numeric minority of Americans, and the chances of any laws getting passed are slim.

    But there's always the possibility that copyright term extension would be slipped into must-pass legislation, a budget or a key appropriation. That's a risky game, given the possibility that this would spark a public uprising to kill it (there's plenty of Conservative animus for the entertainment industry, after all, and the 1998 term extension was counted as a major achievement by Bill Clinton and his acolytes, so this could be painted as greedy, corporate-money-fattened Republicans helping to preserve the hated legacy of the Clintons).
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  2. The deal puts Fox's movie studio, 20th Century Fox, under the Disney umbrella, bringing with it the studio's intellectual property. Having 20th Century Fox's "X-Men" and "Avatar" under the same roof as Disney's "The Avengers" and "Star Wars" could have huge ramifications in both the streaming world and the film industry.

    Disney announced in August that it will pull its content from Netflix, effectively ending its relationship with the streaming service to start its own in 2019. This means Netflix users will no longer be able to watch content from Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar and Disney Animation.

    The deal between the two media giants means that Disney's streaming service will include its own deep vault of intellectual property, as well as Fox's decades of popular franchises, which would most likely get pulled from streaming competitors. As much as this deal is about the content that Disney would be getting from Fox, it's also about content competitors like Netflix would not.

    The deal also means Fox's stakes in Hulu now belong to Disney, which already has an equal stake along with Comcast. With a majority stake in Hulu, Disney could change the award-winning streaming service's offerings.

    "A 'Disneyflix' with Lucasfilm + Marvel + Pixar + Disney Animation + Disney Channel + ABC + 20c Fox + FX would be ... attractive," tweeted Derek Thompson, a writer at The Atlantic, last month.
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  3. La Roma che non dimentica il passato inaugurando una mostra sulla propria storia lunga 87 anni, guarda soprattutto al futuro. Non è un mistero: il piano di sviluppo aziendale previsto dalla gestione Pallotta non può prescindere dalla realizzazione di uno stadio di proprietà. Ma non solo: perché lo stadio sarà, nelle idee del gruppo statunitense che controlla il club, parte di un complesso commerciale e d'intrattenimento che punta a coinvolgere al proprio interno i più importanti marchi su scala globale. I partner Nike e Disney (che ingloba la Espn), ma contatti sono stati avviati anche con il colosso informatico Apple. Per assicurarsi un numero di visitatori straordinario anche nei giorni in cui l'impianto sarà inutilizzato. E, di conseguenza, incassi da record.
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  4. “I don’t think you can buy digital content at this time,” he said. “I don’t think it’s possible. There may be a button that says buy now, but that does not exist. It’s a rental. Any promise that it’s going to be there forever, it’s only good as long as the company exists and decides it’s OK.”

    It’s also very much turned him off from future purchases of Disney products—and maybe, he says, that might just be a blessing in disguise.

    “If you wanted to make a plan that would ensure that customers would never migrate to digital devices, this would be the perfect way of doing it,” he noted. “Disney movies beget Disney toys, which beget trips to Disneyland, and it would be refreshing to cut that off at the base. I’m certainly not going to buy any digital Disney films. But maybe that means I won’t have to buy Disney films for my kids at all.”
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  5. Sono perplesso per come si è arrivati alla scelta della mascotte di Expo 2015, realizzato dalla Walt Disney Company Italia. Poteva essere l’occasione per premiare uno dei tanti talenti italiani, ma Expo 2015 S.p.A. ha di fatto escluso questa possibilità accorpando i bandi e cercando un unico partner per sviluppo, promozione e commercializzazione di tutte le proprietà intellettuali legate all’evento.
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  6. Shake it Up, a Disney sitcom that screens on The Disney Channel around the world, has slipped in an insult to open source software.

    The show, which tracks the activities of a group of aspiring dancers on a TV show called "Shake it Up, Chicago", appears to be aimed at tweens. We make that assertion based on the age of comments on its web site, the brightly-coloured costumes and crudely-stereotyped big-brush-strokes characters.

    In the offending episode one such character, a squeaky-voiced, glasses-and-argyle-jumper-wearing kid who is clearly meant to be a nerd, is asked to fix another character's stricken computer.

    His diagnostic repartee sees him ask:

    “Did you use open source code to save time, and the virus was hidden in it?”

    Upon winning a grudging admission that this course of action was indeed was the cause of digital malaise, the nerd replies that using open source in this way was a “rookie mistake”.

    Purloined YouTube footage of the incident is already available, here and below.

    Disney will doubtless cause its erasure within moments, so we grabbed a screen shot of the annoying kid to give you the flavour of the show.
    Tags: , , by M. Fioretti (2012-08-20)
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