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  6. È vero che Google Immagini permette di filtrare i risultati per tipo di licenza. Ma pochi lo fanno e, spesso, prelevano immagini esponendosi a rischi. Eppure le alternative sicure ci sono, e non poche
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  7. By rights, copyright really shouldn't apply to binary executables, because they are purely "functional" (not "expressive") works. The decision to extend copyright to binaries was an economically-motivated anomaly, and that choice has some counter-intuitive and detrimental side-effects. What would things in the free software world look like if the courts had decided otherwise? For one thing, the implementation of copyleft would have to be completely different.

    Hypothetical? Academic? Not if you're a hardware developer! Because this is exactly what the law _does_ look like for designs for physical hardware (where the product is not protected by copyright).
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  8. Copyright law is "interesting" to say the least, and incredibly contentious. For some, it is an evil that stifles progress. For others, it is all that stands between them and bankruptcy.
    Tags: by M. Fioretti (2012-07-14)
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  9. Intellectual Property Watch provides independent news, features and analysis on international IP policymaking such as trade, health, digital rights, biodiversity and access to knowledge.
    Tags: , , by M. Fioretti (2012-07-14)
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