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  1. A big part of the nutrition of a raw food backpacker is seeds and nuts. Unsoaked seeds and nuts contain enzyme inhibitors which make them hard to digest. Seeds and nuts are best consumed after soaking 6-12 hours (depending on the size of the seed) in room temperature water. During the soaking process, enzyme inhibitors are released and enzymes are activated. These enzymes within the seeds and nuts go to work breaking down the macronutrients (e.g., proteins broken down into amino acids, fats into fatty acids, starches into sugars). This saves your body the work of digestion, allowing the saved energy to be put to work fueling the muscles on a thru-hike.
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  2. While I certainly considered the weight of everything I loaded in to my pack, I also considered its quality (i.e., will it serve its purpose out on the trail) and more importantly whether I really needed it at all. Here is what I found about the gear I carried on this hike.
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