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  1. In almost every case, what compels people to open up their homes and cars to complete strangers is money, not trust.

    To understand why the sharing economy is thriving now, it's worth taking a look at how many full-time jobs have been replaced by part-time jobs since the recession of 2008:
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  2. As part of my ongoing coverage of the Collaborative Economy (read all the posts) it’s important we explore all facets of this disruptive trend to corporations not just upsides, but the downsides. I also see that marketplace friction is a sign of disruption as power changes hands, which should make the seasoned web strategist want to look closer.

    If you’re from the sharing movement and are offended by this post, first, read my opposite of this post is the three drivers of the Collaborative Economy where we’ve documented over a dozen specific attributes that are driving this movement While the recently published report on the Collaborative Economy lists out the key challenges continues to get traction, let’s focus in on a deeper level on what’s counter-acting this market and look at both sides, objectively.

    Index of Challenges: The Dark Side to the Collaborative Economy
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  3. The resolution, which legally is more of a goal than a guarantee from attendees of The U.S. Conference of Mayors, acknowledges that the sharing economy serves a purpose, and says cities should encourage such behavior. More specifically, it states that the 15 co-sponsoring US mayors involved will focus on:

    creating local task forces to review and address regulations that may hinder participants in the Sharing Economy and proposing revisions that ensure public protection as well; and
    playing an active role in making appropriate publicly owned assets available for maximum utilization by the general public through proven sharing mechanisms.

    Resolution No. 87 is certainly the best news Airbnb’s heard since being legalized in Amsterdam…

    Again, this doesn’t mean it’s clear seas from now on for every sharing economy startup, but it’s a milestone of a blessing compared to what’s happened lately.
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  4. as the sharing economy reaches a critical mass, some observers are starting to see a potential shadow side emerging. The informal, good-vibes nature of the participatory economy can run afoul of regulations designed to ensure safety and fairness, both for those who provide goods and services and those who use them. In New York City, an Airbnb host was fined $2,400 for violating city hotel laws, and ride-hailing apps Uber and Hailo have faced injunctions by cab drivers for unfair competition in several cities, raising the question of just who benefits from sharing—and who doesn't.

    "I admit, the sharing economy is mind-blowing and its potential to transform commerce is amazing," writes attorney Janelle Orsi, the director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center in Berkeley, California, and a foremost expert on the emerging law of the sharing economy, in her book "At the same, the lawyer in me hears all this and thinks: Oh, boy. . . . ” Here are just a few of the issues raised by the sharing economy:
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